MacOS Screen Time HelpViewer Bugfix

I like to keep track of my Screen Time from time to time and back when I got my MacBook I had a weird bug where the native MacOS HelpViewer application would log a lot of Screen Time, like literally the entire day.

While I don’t have a picture of the massive amounts of time it was taking up (because I fixed the issue, and I’m not too certain the bug even exists on newer versions of macOS), I did just help somebody else fix it, so I have this as a ref:

Bugged HelpViewer Screen Time

Add an App Limit to HelpViewer in Screen Time

I’ve found that I can kinda get around the bug by adding a 1 minute daily limit to HelpViewer. From what I’ve observed over several months, this breaks nothing that I’m aware of, at all, even the help menus.

Add an App Limit to HelpViewer

But, I do have to mention: I don’t use the help menus that often.