My name's Christian. CJ for short. Hi!

I enjoy building all sorts of unique software from the backend to the frontend.

Here's my GitHub, my Instagram, and my LinkedIn. I'm always happy to chat.


Google | STEP Intern Incoming Summer 2024

I'll be on the Google Workspace team!

CodeRED Genesis | Internal Affairs Officer Spring 2024

I made participant forms, did cross-university outreach, and sent attendee confirmation communications for UH's annual hackathon.

Amazon Web Services | SDE Intern Summer 2023

I reduced the engineering workload of a critical Lambda team by rearchitecting a distributed Java system.

CougarCS | Web Dev Team Lead Fall 2022 β€” Present

I'm leading a team of developers in building an internal member management portal for officers at CougarCS.

GRHS CS Club | Vice President Fall 2021 β€” Spring 2022

I conducted club meetings and workshops on web development, Git, and terminal usage (and ran an offshoot game development team for a while.)


Atypeical Spring 2023 A typing test I built for typists of all types using SwiftUI + Swift Charts as my (winning) submission to the 2023 Swift Student Challenge. View GitHub
Remark Image Spring 2023 Remark plugin for Astro that automatically optimizes images found in markdown files. NPM Package
Melrady Summer 2022 Analyze the makeup of up to 4 songs with this Spotify song comparison chart creator. Visit Site
Parity Platform Spring 2022 Website I built in a week to conduct paired surveys for an AP Statistics project. Read Writeup
Reguession Spring 2022 A linear regression minigame I built for my AP Statistics class. Visit Site
Sorgra Fall 2021 Massively improved version of ELPath that I ported to the web using Typescript React. Visit Site
ELPath Summer 2021 Sorting and pathfinding algorithm simulation application built in Python. View GitHub